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Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Award Winner Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Let 'er rip with some new techniques and colorful, creative twists on Brazilian bikini waxing. Ashlie Long demonstrates how to provide four different types of bikini wax services, ranging from the traditional to some fresh, up-to-date options: Classic Brazilian, Sphinx, Customized Designs (with template and freehand), and Color. The demonstrations show how to remove some or all of the hair in the bikini area - front and back - with hard and soft wax simultaneously. For color, Ashlie shows how to use two types of products: one with a two-step approach, and another that is a one-step approach. Step-by-step instructions show you how to prepare and position clients and minimize client discomfort. You will also learn about table set-up, required supplies, hygiene, available product types, post-treatment tips, benefits and contraindications, and tips to keep your clients coming back. Contains full nudity. (2 Hrs. 14 Mins.) This waxing video received a Silver Davey Award and was featured in, Skin Deep, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, and Dermascope Magazine.

Testimonial: "The Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing DVD is Terrific! Some of the girls have been trained but weren't quite getting it. The difference in their performance after viewing the DVD was night and day." - Lilia B, California

2 Hrs. 14 Mins.
Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques
"Worth a Look" in Dermascope Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques

Two experts, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, demonstrate Brazilian bikini waxing using hard wax and soft wax on female models, with and without disposable panties. Eva and Teresa guide you through preparing the skin, trimming the hair, positioning the client, decreasing client discomfort, required equipment, proper wax consistency, and skincare after waxing. The demonstrations show how to remove all the hair in the bikini area - front and back. Contains full nudity. (1 Hr. 11 Mins.) Featured in Dermascope's "Worth a Look" &

Testimonial: "I recently purchased your Brazilian waxing video, and I am very happy with the service I received. Customer Service took care of me and went 'above and beyond' in order to help me out. This is one very pleased & happy customer. Thanks for everything." - Kara Y, California

1 Hr. 11 Mins.
The Art of Men\'s Waxing
Worth a Look" in Dermascope The Art of Men's Waxing

For that smooth aestheticians, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, demonstrate waxing techniques for the back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, nostrils, and ears in this comprehensive instructional waxing DVD. Their demonstrations show complete step-by-step men's Brazilian bikini waxing techniques, plus how to use soft wax on the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and neck, and hard wax on the bikini and genital area, buttocks, nostrils, and ears on a man. Eva and Teresa also discuss client preparation, positioning, and skin care before and after waxing. Featured in Dermascope's "Worth a Look",, & Renew

Testimonial: "I love the selection of DVD's!" - Debra W, Nevada

2 Hrs.
Professional Waxing Collection SetProfessional Waxing Collection SetProfessional Waxing Collection SetProfessional Waxing Collection Set
Professional Waxing Collection Set
Bundle & Save! Professional Waxing Collection Set

Six experts present this comprehensive series on the latest waxing techniques. Titles include: Eyebrow Contouring & Facial Waxing, Flawless Body Waxing, Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques & The Art of Men's Waxing. SAVE 20% ($48)!  (4 DVDs, 404 minutes total).

5 videos, 8 Hrs. 58 Mins.