Threading: The Ancient Art of Hair Removal
The Ancient Art of Hair Removal

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal from the Eastern world that is becoming the newest rage in the West. It involves precisely twisting a length of regular cotton thread along unwanted hairs. The twisting action traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle. Like with tweezing, the results can last up to two to four weeks. With regular treatments, hair re-growth becomes finer and sparser. Threading is a fast, effective method for hair removal, particularly popular for removing fine facial hair and shaping eyebrows. In addition to facial threading and eyebrow threading, it can also be used to cover large areas, such as the legs and arms. In this instructional DVD, Saira Soleri teaches how to thread on the face, ears, and feet. She also covers benefits, contraindications, tools, and marketing.

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Testimonial: "Very interesting!!!" — Lataucha M, Florida

“Great Video! Threading can be very difficult to learn, however, this video made it much easier! What I've learned about Threading is that it takes a lot of practice. I've seen some of those budget clips on Youtube and they were useless! This video teaches the true fundamentals of threading thoroughly and with practice I think most people can learn how to do it. I was really impressed with this video and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to do threading!” Jesse Byerly, CA, USA

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1 Hr. 7 Mins.