Eyebrow Contouring & Facial Waxing
Worth a Look" in Dermascope Eyebrow Contouring & Facial Waxing


In this comprehensive instructional DVD, two expert aestheticians, Enesa Seremet and Eva Mileski, and professional makeup artist, RJ McCasland, guide you through the steps for eyebrow contouring and facial waxing. Enesa and Eva provide advanced demonstrations on male and female models showing how to use hard wax on the eyebrows, lip, jaw line, chin, nostrils, and ears, and how to use soft wax on the eyebrows and upper lip. RJ explains how to shape eyebrows using micro scissors.

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Testimonial: "Awesome DVD’s! This is my second order, Thank you. I think your videos are GREAT and I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist." — Kelly P, Australia

“Completely Satisfied, Take it from someone who has been in the esthetics business for a long time, this video is awesome. I bought it to show to the new estheticians are our spa. Most of them said that they learned more from it than from school and all of the estheticians at the spa will you use it for a reference from time to time. It's a really great video and I'm sure you feel the same way.” Holly Beckman, NY, USA

“Perfect for New Estheticians Too. This DVD is not only great for established estheticians as another reviewer commented, it's perfect for us newbies too. Unfortunately my ‘school’ didn't teach me a thing about waxing so I had to learn everything on my own. This DVD gave me the knowledge and confidence to begin offering waxing services safely and perfectly in almost every situation I've encountered. Highly recommended.” M. Knigton, USA

“A valuable resource for esthetics professionals, as well as a great visual learning tool. This DVD is part of my training series for new estheticians who join my spa. My customers have always given me feedback about the consistency and high level of knowledge each of my staff possess. This training resource is the main reason. Highly recommended.” Ang Yonglin, USA

“I ordered this DVD when I was first starting out as an aesthetician. Before I learned about facial waxing and hair removal in my courses, I wanted to do a little bit of my own research, and this was a perfect resource for me. I have always wanted to learn how to wax eyebrows, as I've had more than one negative experience getting them done by others. I didn't want to be one of those aestheticians who can't wax well, but does it anyway and gives some unsuspecting customer a nightmare of an eyebrow wax like I've received so many times. With the help of this video, my skill has grown and I feel like I really grasp all of the fundamental skills needed. This instructional video course covers everything you need to know about waxing and shaping eyebrows to flatter any client. The hair removal tips for other areas of the face are incredibly useful as well. I am so glad that I decided to get this DVD to help me with my aesthetician training. This makes a great supplement for more experienced waxers, or a good starting point for novices. The instruction is great and very professional.” Laura Sophia Bennett, USA

  • "Worth a Look" in Dermascope

1 Hr. 50 Mins.