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Eyelashes accentuate the most dramatic feature on the face: the eyes. Professional Hollywood makeup artist, Damien Salter, shows you how to add to the drama with additional lashes, eyelash strips, gems, or even synthetic flower petals. In this DVD, Salter instructs step-by-step how to prepare your clients, select lashes, prepare your workstation, apply flare lashes on top and bottom lids, apply strip lashes, cut & apply sections of strip lashes for special effects, provide variations with some fun alternatives in the market, remove artificial lashes, instruct your clients on aftercare, and market this service so clients think of you when they think of eyelash enhancements. He discusses required supplies, available product types, and precautions.

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Testimonial: "I have ordered in the past and have been very satisfied. The customer service is #1. Keep up the good work." — Juliette N, Illinois

“Of all the educational videos I have watched recently, this one is my favorite! Who doesn't love big dramatic editorial eyelashes. I run these videos in the background at home while I cook and work around the house, This one makes me stop. It's like being right there in an actual class and the lessons are showing you all the fun designs using gems and even synthetic flower petals for lashes. Like all their other videos, the instructor is clear, covers everything you need to discuss with the client/model, great close ups and angles, how to take care of the lashes, how to properly remove them, basically start to finish everything you need to know for that big dramatic eye.” Miss Jena, TX, USA

“I highly recommend it.” Bobby, USA

“Simply put, this DVD is necessary for any makeup artist or makeup enthusiast looking to learn the practice of putting on false lashes—from natural and fluttery—to dramatic, runway worthy lash art. I love learning techniques from expert artists and aestheticians, and the DVD series from this company is amazing. I have learned every detail that I need to know. All of the “dos” and “do NOTs” are included in this comprehensive guide. I used to have issues choosing lash strips that are an appropriate size. Trimming, positioning, and gluing is not as straightforward as a novice might think! With this DVD I have learned all of the tricks of the trade to make lash strips stay and always blend seamlessly. I have figured out the best way to apply single lashes too. I am glad that I chose to expand my education with this DVD.” Caroline Rubio

“Professional Hollywood makeup artist Damien Salter, shows you step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know about artificial eyelashes. It was like I was sitting in the classroom. You learn how to select lashes, how to apply strip lashes, how to cut & apply sections and etc. This is an Amazing Tutorial. I would definitely recommend this!” Tami

“I purchased this video because I absolutely love wearing false lashes. So some of the video was a bit of knowledge I already had from years of trial and error, but if you have no or little experience applying strip lashes, this is the video for you. I did learn quite a few tips that I did not know prior to watching the party lashes video and I will be able to put into use when applying my lashes at home. Overall, it is a really great video for the novice and I am looking forward to watching their higher level videos because this one was super easy to follow along with and very informational with very detailed step by step instructions.” Allanafl

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1 Hr. 6 Mins.