Anti-Aging Treatments for Combination Skin
Award-Winning! Anti-Aging Treatments for Combination Skin


Customize your anti-aging treatments for combination skin. In this comprehensive DVD, Tina Marie Zillmann demonstrates how to address signs of both oily and dry skin. She walks you through a complete protocol for each skin type, from client consultation to the step-by-step instructions for treatment. Zillman demonstrates: skin analysis with a scope; cleansing with disinfecting and melanin-suppressing cleanser; toning; hair removal with a derma planer; lactic peel to exfoliate and prep skin; crystal-free microdermabrasion; ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment; extractions with cotton; warming mask with pumpkin enzymes to soothe and refine pores; and application of sun block with zinc and titanium oxide. Zillmann also addresses Fitzpatrick types, moles, discoloration, permanent makeup, and large pores. Throughout, she provides cautionary tips and hints, as well as benefits and contraindications. She also discusses the settings and how to operate a crystal and crystal-free microdermabrasion unit and an ultrasonic machine. Sample client consultation forms are included.

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  • Received Bronze Telly Award. Featured in Dermascope "Worth A Look"

1 Hr. 15 Mins.