Comprehensive Reflexology & Massage: The Hand
Award Winner Comprehensive Reflexology & Massage
The Hand


Learn the healing art of hand reflexology and massage from expert massage therapist, Meade Steadman, in this instructional DVD. Meade provides hands-on instruction, demonstrating the strokes and techniques on both the right and left hands and on different models: young and old, male and female. For the reflexology section, Meade discusses the body's physiology, contraindications (particularly geriatric concerns), history, and how the anatomy of the hand maps to each part of the body. The comprehensive massage demonstration shows techniques to work the hand and forearm for flexibility, relaxation, and improved circulation. Meade's demonstrations show how to warm up the hands, work the "whole body" for balance, and focus on specific areas of concern.

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Testimonial: "Comprehensive Reflexology & Massage: The Hand is one of the best DVDs out there. Meade Steadman is awesome. Thank you!" — Loi I

“This is an excellent video! The instructor is easy to follow and the content is comprehensive. It's like I got three videos for the price of one when you consider how much I learned and how much information was included in this DVD. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning reflexology techniques. You will not be disappointed!” Kaylee Barnes, NY, USA

“Excellent DVD to have, especially when you want to improve your hand massage and hand reflexology techniques. As a certified massage therapist, it helped me to understand how to do things properly so my clients get the best I can give them. I would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to know more about hand massage and hand reflexology. The instructor is clear and easy to understand and demonstrates some really great techniques. I didn't realize it was 2 hours long when I purchased it, so that was an added bonus. Well worth the money even if you just want to learn hand massage or hand reflexology. The instructor covers both topics in detail and he demonstrates everything you need to know. Great quality. Very comprehensive. Well put together. I highly recommend this video!” Mr. Stephen McEvoy, UK

“If you want to improve your massage techniques then "The Hand" is an outstanding course. I have learnt a lot following the instructions about reflexology & massage from the amazing Meade Steadman. Every explanation is detailed, but it is simply and easily explained, you will understand everything. If you are searching for courses and techniques on how to do reflexology and massage of the hand than this is definitely the right DVD for you. I highly recommend this to anyone, as it has personally helped me so much.” Bojan Savich, USA

“This video teaches you hand reflexology and massage of the hand and forearm on the left and right side. It also teaches you how the anatomy of the hand maps different parts of the entire body. It teaches you the different techniques of massage for the hands. If you are beginning massage therapy or just interested in learning more about it, this if for you.” Mary M., USA

“I love this DVD, it is east to follow and you can learn a lot of great things from it. I love that it teaches you reflexology and how to massage the hand from both sides. It also has anatomy which is really great since I have been out of school for a little and it is always so nice to have a refresher. It is great for beginners but also to advance yourself and improve skills, learn something new…” Yelena

  • Received Gold Davey Award; Received Silver Telly Award; Featured in Massage & Bodywork and Massage Magazine

1 Hr. 57 Mins.