Myofascial Release Techniques
Myofascial Release Techniques

In this myofascial release technique DVD certified massage therapist, John Hoffmann, demonstrates the strokes and techniques for a detailed myofascial release training session for the entire body. In this comprehensive myofascial DVD, he also addresses benefits and contraindications, warm-up, landmark muscles along their anatomical path, and how to address specific complaints. Through the development of disease or injury, the fascia can become restrictive and a source of tension, exerting pressure, causing pain, and limiting mobility. Myofascial release techniques help to smooth out the fiber, allowing the body to move and function properly. This deep tissue massage, while promoting relaxation, creates change in the physical structure of the muscle and fascia. This three hour DVD is the most detailed Myofascial Release DVD ever produced. With the myofascial training you'll receive in this myofascial release course you can bring this modality to your clients with confidence.

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Testimonial: "I truly love the massage videos--they've truly boosted my knowledge and have increased productivity in my practice!" John B, Arizona

"Best course on myofascial massage! Before I start off this review I want to mention that I am a certified massage therapist and have been working in this field for over 7 years now. As part of my job I am constantly trying to develop my skills further in order to be able to offer my prospects the best experience possible. I have read many books and taken A LOT of courses on deep relaxation massage, but I can say that John Hoffman's DVD course made it all excessive. The program takes everything you need to know and compiles everything into one single program. Not only is the information on Myofascial release techniques incredibly solid, it is also very time saving as the instructions are concise and to the point. All I can say is that it is the best $49 that I have ever invested in a program. I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the product and consider purchasing it. If you are a massage therapist or are aspiring to be one, this DVD course will be as important for you as it was for me!" Sebastian, USA

"This is very awesome DVD! Perfect for a therapist who wants to increase their skills! John Hoffman performs a lot of very effective myofascial release techniques in a precise manner while explaining the reason so effective. It has truly helped me to be a more effective therapist!" Rene Ratliff, USA

"Fast Release Technique. Very effective video instructions for a beginner. Try the instructed techniques, these techniques work. I am not a PRO but can find this video very helpful and friendly." Ngongtroi, USA

"What a great video! Very informative! Great educational information. So happy I found your videos. I learned SO MUCH in this myofascial release training video. John Hoffmann did a great job explaining and demonstrating all the techniques. I absolutely love this DVD. Wonderful resource for all therapists and students alike. With over 3 hours of massage therapy training, this is definitely worth what I paid for it!" Anne K, USA

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3 Hrs. 22 Mins.