Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: Shoulder Girdle
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Shoulder Girdle


Go deeper with deep tissue massage on the shoulder girdle, including the musculo-skeletal area of the spine, ribs and sternum, clavicle, scapula, and humerus and surrounding nerves, arteries, tendons, ligaments, and musculature (retractors, elevators, and depressors). Deep tissue massage focuses on areas of tension and pain, releases adhesions, increases range of motion, and resets muscle memory. In this instructional video, expert massage therapist and instructor, Meade Steadman, demonstrates how to provide therapeutic deep tissue massage on the shoulder girdle with demonstrations on the anterior and posterior. Includes advanced massage and stretch techniques for specific complaints. Warning: This video may contain partial nudity. View at your own discretion.

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Testimonial: "Aesthetic VideoSource put me back into business by providing an affordable product that actually teaches you how to do the procedure." — Richard L, Florida

"I use these techniques in the spa and get great feedback! Unfunny story - I had maybe a year's experience and didn't know very many deep tissue techniques. Well I had a client royally complain about my deep tissue massage so I had a fire lit under my toosh to learn. So I bought a DVD - this one. It's really helped my practice at the spa and with private clients. I've added some PNF techniques to complement the ones I learned in this DVD to really help release people's shoulders. There are a couple techniques in the DVD that I don't use, but overall I use most of them. Clients experience little discomfort and lots of tension release." Rockets Red Glare, FL, USA

“Excellent DVD for Students as well as experienced massage therapists. I've been an instructor and massage therapist for many years. I always want to learn quality techniques that are unique and that will improve my services. These 3 DVDs on deep tissue massage are by far the best Deep Tissue Massage instructional DVDs that I've had the privilege to learn from and teach with. All of my clients, and close family are grateful for my improved massage techniques and I have learned and implemented all from this excellent DVD. I'm extremely grateful to the authors of the DVD and I will definitely buy more DVDs from their production. Everything is relevant, unique, creative and professional. Recommended to any massage therapists!” Bojan Savich, USA

“Definitely has helped me improve my deep tissue massage techniques and led to happier/healthier clients! I have a much better understanding of what deep tissue massage is and have been using these practices with my own clients and it's made a profound difference. Thank you.” Anne K, USA

“This massage DVD is awesome and very detailed I am very happy I purchased it, I will be looking at more of Meade Steadman's DVDs. Can't wait to take one of his classes!” Darko S., USA

“This has been great for my clients with limited range of motion in their upper body. I have around 6 I'm working with right now that can barely turn their neck, and using the things I've learned with this DVD, so far 4 of them have almost gained full range of motion after a month or two of steady massages (2 a month). It teaches the importance of working the pecs, which I like. They always need work! The DVD is very easy to learn from. I like to recruit another massage therapist/friend so I can follow along while learning, it's just the best way to do things. That way, the therapist can give me valuable feedback so that I know what my clients will be experiencing when I do certain techniques. I have purchased all 3 of Meade Steadman's Deep Tissue Massage and like them all, I recommend getting them as a set.” YunaLuv0

  • Series featured in SkinInc.com, Sept. 2008

1 Hr. 32 Mins.