Couples Massage: The Therapist\'s Perspective
Award Winner Couples Massage
The Therapist's Perspective


Couples massage is a great massage offering that's not just about technique, but about the experience. Whether offered to the couple in tandem by two massage therapists or offered as a two-handed instructional massage, the focus is for both to receive a professional massage and to feel luxuriously pampered. In this instructional video, Judy Rupel, LMT, demonstrates how to provide an experience that brings back couples time and again for this offering that is both financially and emotionally rewarding for you. This indispensable all-in-one DVD covers it all, including room set-up and ambience, modalities (including hot stone massage), professionalism, marketing, and the final touches to ensure the experience is enjoyed from beginning to end. Includes types of couples massage, how a single therapist can offer couples massage, how to instruct a couple on massage, and how to coordinate a tandem massage by two therapists. Warning: This video may contain partial nudity. View at your own discretion.

Testimonial: "I love the selection of DVD's!" — Debra W, Nevada

“As a licensed massage therapist I was so happy to come across this DVD for “couples massage” as I really want to offer this therapy to my clients as there has been increasing demand. The instructor is clear, concise and extremely informative. She demonstrates all the techniques on how to do a tandem massage and how to show couples to massage one another. What I loved about this two hour DVD is it covers it all, including room set-up & ambience. I cannot recommend this DVD enough to couples wanting to learn how to massage one another from the comfort of your own home or to massage therapists wanting to add a new offering to your repertoire. I would also like to add this DVD is excellent value for money for what you will learn and how it will bring you and partner closer.” D. Smith, UK

“Great videos! Great prices! Love these!” Elizabeth M Bryan, USA

“This is an exceptionally well done video for someone wanting to learn a bit about massage in order to give a massage to a friend, family member or loved one. While the title is "couples massage" there is nothing here that presumes that the pair are lovers, this is simply an excellent video to help a non-professional beginner learn to give a massage to someone they care about. This is not erotic or sexual. Watching this video is like having a professional massage therapist coach you on how to give a simple massage. … The references and great footage capturing stroke and techniques of a massage are easy to follow and remember. This is a low key, absolutely non intimidating way to start your "at home massage career." Your partner will love it and you will benefit from it as well.” Husband of Big Overwhelming Optimistic Mom_entum!

“The owner of the spa that I work at had the entire staff take some time to review this and some other videos by this company, and this one was especially helpful. I never formally learned much on how to do massage for the extremities, and as a massage therapist, it is extremely important for me to seek out educational materials and massage techniques to better my craft and increase my knowledge base. This training video is not only well made and professionally filmed, but the instructor does a great job of walking you through the techniques. I'm not the fastest learner, but I had an easy time picking up the techniques used for applying deep tissue massage to the extremities, and it has been a pleasant addition to the treatments of my deep tissue massage clients. I have gotten great feedback on my new skills, and I'm thrilled to say that this massage DVD had a huge part in helping me cultivate my skills. This series is really helpful for anyone who wants to dive into massage therapy and develop their techniques. … The techniques I've learned from this let me do more, and in turn my clients notice. I look more educated and professional, because I am. It's also important to understand that pain can come from a place where it isn't. I've found pain coming from the legs and arms that my client didn't feel, but was directly affecting their back.” Big Overwhelming Optimistic Mom_entum! on Amazon.com

“Very informational” Benjamin Bakaitis

“This is a great CD collection. It is for a massage person or for a couple of just wanting to learn better techniques. It is very easy to watch and very informative. I did receive this in a free or discounted price for an honest review.” Toni Potts

  • Received Silver Davey Award; Featured in SkinInc.com & Spa Management

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