Professional Clipper Cutting Techniques II
Award Winner Professional Clipper Cutting Techniques II


With clippers, you can provide quick wash-and-wear versatile cuts, including traditional, conservative cuts, as well as more avant-garde looks for the younger crowd. In this instructional DVD, Gary Rallison provides practical step-by-step instruction for clipper cutting without guards. Techniques include tapering, blending, razoring, razor cutting, working razor over comb, and cutting shear over comb on four models, including one woman who sports the popular A-line cut. Gary shows how to work with different hair textures, solve common problems, and customize a cut to accommodate a client's features.

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Testimonial: "I love your videos, they are one of the best. Perfectly arranged and very informative. More of them, please." — Jolanthe O, Germany

“Another great hair clipping DVD full of easy-to-follow instructions for hair stylists and barbers to broaden their knowledge and skills when it comes to different hair clipping techniques. My colleagues love it, it's a valuable addition to our staff training tools in the salon and makes it a lot easier for stylists to learn and visualize the different techniques before performing them on our clients. I love how it covers both the traditional cuts as well as the more funky avant grade cuts as we get quite a broad range of clients from young to old that come through everyday.” James, New Zealand

“Having watched clipper cutting techniques part one I had to purchase this follow up DVD and I was not disappointed. Once again the instructor demonstrates the techniques with ease and clarity. There are new techniques covered in this video, including razor cutting and working the razor over the comb. This is one of the most practical videos I have seen on clipper cutting as everything is covered and no stone is left unturned. As a hair stylist I cannot recommend this DVD enough.” Donna Causer,UK

“Great video! This is a great instructional video. I was always interested in cutting hair, but never went to cosmetology school. I have dabbled with cutting hair for years, but really wanted a good video to show me some new techniques. This video was extremely helpful. It was interesting to watch, and gave great examples. My daughter is going to cosmetology school and loved the video as well. It taught her a few new ways to cut hair. I was first interested in the video because it shows the viewer ways to cut short funky hairstyles. There is usually one of us in the house with a short hair style so this was very helpful.” Angi

  • Received Silver Davey Award

1 Hr. 26 Mins.