European Facials, Vol. 3
Award Winner European Facials, Vol. 3


In this instructional video, Award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates the steps of a thorough European facial. Part of a comprehensive three-part series, Vol. 3 continues the facial being demonstrated in Vol. 1 and 2. Rita finishes the facial with a mask customized for different parts of the face (T-zone, eyes, cheeks, and décolleté), hot and cold compresses, and protective facial creams. While products are penetrating, Rita demonstrates how to perform a scalp massage, hand and arm treatment, and foot and lower leg treatment. Rita completes the facial with a post-treatment client consultation. In a special feature, Rita demonstrates how to make her trademark cotton pads.

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Testimonial: "Love the facial sets." — Donna B, New Jersey

"Better than school. If you are an esthetician or want to become one, this video is a must have. This is one of three in the series and each of the videos is excellent. I would recommend all three. Well worth the every penny!" Holly Beckman, NY, USA

"This DVD is almost or better in some case than real facial classes I took, recommended highly! I don’t write reviews much, but this facial series Vol. 1 through Vol. 3 is a must." S. Kim, NY, USA

"Great customer service! No flack given at all. Perfect Company! Love Rita Page. Wish she had a website for her spa though. Can't find it via Google. Quality DVD instruction from Ms. Page, great tips. I bought all her DVDs!" Lee J, TX, USA

“This aesthetician training video is one of the best I've watched. If you're a spa owner or simply an esthetician hoping for additional education, this is a wonderful series. This one is my personal favorite. I already know quite a bit about European facial massage techniques, but I did have quite a bit to learn about some of the other techniques. In this DVD, Rita page covers customized facial masks for different areas of the face depending upon skin type and texture. This is a great piece; understanding the best treatments for each area is a wonderful way to treat clients skin so that they get the care that they need ALL over, and not just in some areas. This video mostly focuses on the product application portion of the European facial, which I think is just as important as having mastered the facial massage techniques. I really enjoyed learning about Rita's cotton pad treatments in this video as well. I've never seen that before in any other video or training class that I have taken.” Caroline Rubio, USA

“This DVD is great! I've been out of esthetician school many years & needed a refresher course & new ideas. This is exactly what I needed to sharpen my skills & give my profession a boost!!! I wish I could have had Rita Page as my instructor in school but European Facials Vol. 3 is the next best thing.” Christina Roop, USA

“I wanted a source that I could use to brush up on this modality. This video was perfect. I have not offered European facials for a while and now they are back on my menu.” Lisa, USA

“I finally got around to watching some of this. I really enjoyed what I have watched so far. I am thinking about investing in the other esthetic videos.” Vanessa Barrientez, USA

“Great video and lots of valuable information. I can't wait to watch the first two DVD's. I highly recommend this video to all beauty professionals.” Bonnie & Robert Davee, USA

“Great DVD if you are interested in doing facials the right way you must watch this video. All three of these are great so consider buy all of them.” Norma Pohlad, USA

“Great video! Information is clear and easy to understand and follow. Another great production by Aesthetic Video Source!” Elizabeth M Bryan, USA

“Great tips and info!” Laterica Reddix, USA

  • Received Silver Summit Award; Received Bronze Telly Award; Featured in Dermascope's "Worth a Look" and Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa

1 Hr. 51 Mins.