Ultrasonic Facials

The Ultimate Ultrasonic Facial
Award Winner The Ultimate Ultrasonic Facial

For the ultimate in high tech facials, learn to incorporate ultrasound with electrical stimulation in the aesthetic environment. In this 2-disc set, aestheticians can learn the techniques and approach for providing ultrasonic facials. Melinda McHenry, a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist, walks you through an ultrasonic facial with a Class II FDA ultrasound machine, providing insights and tips throughout. She also demonstrates using a sonic spatula for deep pore cleansing and light exfoliation. Mike Mosk discusses the science behind ultrasound and electrical stimulation, plus how this ultrasound facial treatment approach compares to other cosmetic options, including their benefits, cost, downsides to patient, pain involved, and long-term ramifications. Received 2006 Gold Davey Award.(Disc 1: 50 Mins., Disc 2: 1 Hr. 4 Mins.)

Disc 1: 1 Hr. 12 Mins.; Disc 2: 1 Hr. 4 Mins.