18 November 2011
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Salt Lake City, UT— With Reiki, you can heal and change your life. Reiki, a natural, non-invasive Japanese technique, taps into the universal life force energy, providing physical, mental, and emotional healing…for yourself and others with whom you share this healing art.

In Aesthetic VideoSource's instructional DVD, Reiki Healing Techniques , Usui Reiki master, Laiya Moniak, clearly and lovingly demonstrates step by step the techniques and approach for providing this healing art. She discusses how the energy system works, how chakras and auric bodies affect our well being, and how to achieve what is possible. She shows how to remove energy blocks and restore energy flow in the body. Covering the many applications of Reiki, she demonstrates self-healing and meditation, a complete client session on a massage table (back and front), an attunement, and long-distance healing.

Moniak addresses all three Reiki levels of attunement (I, II and Master/Teacher) and the associated Reiki symbols for healing. She also covers the history of Reiki, Huiyin breathing, preparation, room set-up, marketing and pricing, and how Reiki can be applied elsewhere in your life. This valuable information benefits both novice and master. With this knowledge, you can connect and experience the immediate benefits.

Reiki's multiple benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, aiding sleep, relieving pain, and bolstering the immune system. It has no contraindications.

Reiki is open to all, transcending any particular belief system. You can bring your own understanding to it, practicing universal ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony. Begin your journey today and share the gift of Reiki with others.

"Reiki is life force energy. It's what flows through us; it's what makes us alive," says Moniak. "It makes sense if your life force energy is low, you'll be prone to being stressed out, getting ill. If your life force energy is high, you're going to be happier and healthy."

"Laiya's passion for Reiki shines," says Shirley Erickson Gorospe, president of Aesthetic VideoSource. "Her techniques and explanations are easy to follow. Reiki students and practitioners will enjoy and benefit from this wonderfully concise DVD."

Laiya Moniak is a renowned Usui Reiki master and teacher, practicing Reiki since 1992. She has taught various seminars, including in hospitals and clinics, for medical personnel and therapists. She currently practices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Aesthetic VideoSource produces and distributes detailed, comprehensive health and spa instructional DVDs, so anyone can properly perform the procedures shown. Aesthetic VideoSource is the forerunner in educational media distribution, with award-winning DVDs and an always-expanding list of offerings to meet the spa and beauty industry's needs.

Contact Info — The Reiki Healing Techniques DVD (1 Hr. 6 Mins.) can be ordered for $49.95 plus shipping, by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www.VideoShelf.com.


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